Why a Non woven Bag?

We just leave our footprints behind. We should prefer eco-friendly recycled nonwoven bags instead of plastic bags which are dangerous to all living things when released into the environment. It is also very important where we will get our nonwoven bags as well as cloth bags to choose from. Netpak Packaging experience is one of the top three producers in Europe and the pioneer in our country with the awards it has received and the patents it has. The technology that it develops applies nonwoven bags and presents every cloth bag it produces to nature. Safely carry your reusable bags with the touch of Netpak Packaging. Nonwoven bags that conform to past quality standards from all durability tests are produced to suit every taste and budget. Our product groups include ultrasonic nonwoven, laminated nonwoven and laminated pp woven (jute) cloth bags. We provide great advantages in promotional activities to our customers with side gusset, bottom gusset, punched out and plain cut nonwoven bag models. Our ultrasonic welding machines are fully automated and we produce fast, serial and high-quality nonwoven bags so that we can keep the costs at a reasonable price level. Market nonwoven bags, textile store reusable bags, promotional nonwoven bags, protective drawstring nonwoven bag products are the sectors we work extensively. We are manufacturing nonwoven bags for many big retail companies such as Gratis, English Home, Decathlon, Migros, Bim, Carrefour, Watsons, Rossmann, etc. prior to the ban on giving free plastic bags with our high capacity. You can reach us at the link below to choose our cloth bags for your stores or corporate promotions.
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