Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Netpak ?

Netpak is Europe's leading manufacturer that became a brand with his work on environmental packaging sector of Turkey'. Our company, which started its first production process with plastic packaging, produced the packaging of many producers of Anatolia in the industrial attack of our country in the 80s and gained a degree in its region in exports and started research on environmentally friendly packaging in the 2000s. With these studies, has been awarded international patents extending to the Istanbul patent first degree, and has become a private R&D company visited by the European Patent Office. As a result of these researches, it was successful in receiving the Environment and Energy Award from the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with the lamination machine it produced. We proudly represent the Turkish packaging industry with this future-oriented structure and our brand awareness in Europe.

How many bags can I buy ?

Netpak Ambalaj supplies products in the range of 50 (Hem Türkçe hem İngilizce’de 10.000 yapalım mı?) to 8 million pieces per month within the framework of its production programs. There are many reasons that determine the number of products. The main models, prints and dimensions are the defining features.

 What is a Tote Bag ?

It is a carrier bag suitable for promotional purposes and can be produced by traditional sewing or ultrasonic sewing from cotton, canvas or technical fabrics like woven and non-woven fabrics.

What is Cotton Bag ?

Cotton bag is a bag made using raw colored or dyed fabrics produced from natural cotton raw materials. It is possible to print on cotton fabric in many different techniques. Silk screen, printed, flexo and textile prints.

What is a Laminated Bag ?

Laminated bag is a bag produced by combining two different materials. The process of lamination can be done to increase the weight, to add strength, or to add a nice appearance to the product. While two different technical fabrics can be combined during lamination, there are alternatives to technical fabric cotton cloths or technical fabric coating materials. Lamination can be in the form of heat or glue lamination.

Is Non-woven Bag Environmentally Friendly ?

 The researches answer yes to this question, but to give more detailes, technical textile non-woven fabric used in the production of eco-friendly bags is produced from PP raw material. PP raw material is a plastic raw material that is derived from petroleum. The non-woven production process produced from this raw material plays a key role in environmental friendliness. Non-woven fabric is produced in a way that can be called fibrous. The technical fabric, which is made into a sheet form by crushing the cotton raw material, is weaker than the moulded production as a structure. This weakness allows it to disappear in a shorter time in nature. Unlike other products in nature, it is mechanically disintegrated and mixed in the soil due to its not very strong structure. There are studies showing that PP raw material is consumed by microorganisms as food. The main reason for being accepted as environmentally friendly besides non-woven fabric as raw materials is its usage area. Eco friendly bags made of nonwoven are never considered as a single use material. This, is another key point for this product to be environmentally friendly. As the repeatedly used bag will reduce the consumption of other products, it has reduced the use of nature resources and briefly gained the title of nature friendly.

What are the  Printing Techniques ?

Quite a variety of printing methods can be used. Our preferred printing method is flexo printing method. Flexo printed bags are produced faster and can be produced at lower costs.

What are Cloth Bag Sewing Shapes ?

Traditional sewing and ultrasonic sewing developed by our company with R&D studies.

What is Ultrasonic Sewing ?

Ultrasonic sewing is the molecular connection of two different surfaces with high sound waves.

What are the Factors Affecting Bag Prices ?

The materials used in the product weight and sewing models are the main factors affecting the price. Types of printing and production are the factors that affect the price.Cloth Bags for FairsUsing eco-friendly bags in exhibitions offers a very useful publicity and a cost effective advertising.Contract Lamination Our company provides contract lamination service.Contract Cutting Our company performs contract ultrasonic cutting.

What is a Patent in Eco-Friendly Bag Production?

Our company has patents with dozens of designs of fabric bags design and production method. We are awarded with the first rank in Istanbul in Turkish Patent Hezarfen

Do you give dealership?

We give domestic and foreign franchises.

Do You Have Machine Sales?

We provide Netpak production, ultrasonic bag machine production, sales and service.








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