Mission and Vision

NETPAK AMBALAJ A.Ş., from environmentally friendly shopping bags to advertising bags, operates in environmentally friendly packaging. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior service and quality products, to become a foundation for RENEWAL power that is suitable for the conditions of the day, to continue the present IMAGE, to continue to produce and trade in accordance with ETHICAL conditions, work security and environmental standards. Domestic capital, raw material, R & D design, we produce with our machines, continue to work for new products.  


Our company works for our country with its international patented products and production techniques, produces environmentally friendly bags for the world and tries to stand out in the international market with domestic production technologies starting from raw material to production machines. Our specialists in different customers and product groups are working to produce products that will satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, to protect the best interests of consumers and to be the manufacturer they are looking for. We strive to provide you with accurate, high quality and timely service by combining our machinery park and appropriate environmental working conditions for quality products and services.  

We do not only provide quality service to our customers but also we are looking for the results that reach to the target with the mutual idea of purchasing and working according to the customer's total quality understanding and firm character. We are making improvements according to the recommendations of our customers both in production processes and after production. If you would like to share about the product you bought from our company, please send us your satisfaction and complaints from our questionnaire page. Our survey page is aimed at lean communication and the results are communicated directly to the board members without any intermediaries.  

The title of our company was formed by combining the meanings of NET and PAK syllables. Our company has opted for and maintained an open and transparent management and trade understanding at every stage of the trade from sale to production. This is the 'NET' part of our ideal title. The continuation of our title is the word 'PAK', which means clean, pure and plain, which originated from ancient Turkish with Persian origin. In addition, the abbreviation of the PACKING clause, the English PACKING word and the sectoral harmony have enabled us to describe our company in a single word both internationally and locally.    

“Gentlemen, our face was always clean and pure and it will always be.”;

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Netpak Bez Çanta Destek