Eco Friendly Market Bags


When we look at the country's economy, the imported petroleum raw material and the patents that we import are buried to the ground. We are increasing our current deficit by about $ 5 billion a year. As Netpak Ambalaj, we can think that solution for the environment and our country is the widely use of recyclable nonwoven bags from the production to the last point.The increase in the use of nonwoven bags would reduce the use of harmful plastic bags. The other advantages for the environment would be cost efficiency of the nonwoven bags compared with their life span and its mechanical decomposition property when it is left in the soil. Environmentally friendly non woven bags has a long life span. This long long life span will reduce using resources and will save money by reusing. These bags are 100% Recyclable. They can be recycled effectively when its life is over, it can be recycled 100%. Non woven bags are Eco Friendly. These eco friendly bags that cannot be recycled when their life is over, can be mechanically decomposed in nature and have organic nutritional value.

The use of tote bags instead of plastic in the use of grocery bags is increasing. The use of sustainable products and the right choices for the environment also contribute positively to the country's economy.

As Netpak Ambalaj, the features we have determined for the most suitable product as a result of ease of use and quantity-volume comparisons for environmentally friendly tote bags used in domestic and international markets,

Material: Unlaminated or Laminated Nonwoven

Model : Ultrasonic Welded, Cupped Bottom Bellow

Width : 50 cm

Height : 40 cm

Top Curl : 4 cm

Lower Bellow: 9+9 cm

Handle Length: 25+25 cm

Material thickness: 80 gr/m2

Production Method: Ultrasonic Welding Method


Material: Unlaminated or Laminated Nonwoven (PP)

Model : Market Bag (Athlete Bag)

Width : 35 cm

Height : 50 cm

Side Bellows: 10 +10 cm

Material Thickness: 50 gr/m2

Production Method: Ultrasonic Welding and Cutting

Instead of disposable plastic bags, choose recyclable and reusable tote bags.

Scientists explain the effects of the change that our world has experienced in the last century by human hands, by comparing our world with the destructive effect of the meteorite that struck millions of years ago. We can support our world, which we cause such a negative impact, by making small changes in our lives. The most effective and simple method of these is to use multi-use bags for shopping.

We need to choose sustainable products for the future. Tote grocery bags that reduce resource usage and can be recovered by recycling are the right choice for the future.

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