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Netpak Ambalaj works to increase environmental awareness and create social awareness in this direction. Our company, which emphasizes this awareness in many areas from product labels to social media, cooperates with non-governmental organizations, public institutions, and professional chambers. In addition to dozens of works we have done with the municipalities, we are sponsoring and promoting social events, fairs and seminars. Apart from these, we emphasize the importance of using eco-friendly bags for the environment in the general directorates of the companies that want to inform their employees and at their factories. 

Kadıköy Municipality No to Plastics Campaign Sapling Planting Campaign 'Netpak Donation Forest'11. Pharmacy Fair Bag Sponsorship Netpak Ambalaj We Continue Planting ÇEKÜL Saplings.Research Summit Bag SponsorshipWe are the Sponsor of Farma Vizyon Pharmacy Fair.ITO Successful SME Competition Candidate Netpak Ambalaj TEB Environment Day Promotions Netpak Ambalaj, Winner of the Ministry of Industry, Productivity Award Netpak Ambalaj, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Environment and Energy Award WinnerTurkish Patent Hazerfen Project First in Istanbul 2010-2014

Netpak Ambalaj Netpak Ambalaj, which is the leading manufacturer company in our country in terms of environmentally friendly production and environmentally friendly products, has produced eco-friendly bags for the 'No to Plastic Bag' campaign launched by Kadıköy Municipality in March 2010 and produces eco-friendly bags of many local and national companies within the municipal boundaries. Kadıköy Municipality has given a thank you plaque to the companies that have contributed to the formation and development of environmental awareness and is proud to be among the companies that received this plaque in our company.On March 1, 2010 Kadıköy Municipality banned the use of plastic bags, which took years to disappear in nature and the biggest source of environmental pollution,  celebrated the first year of the ban with organizations, volunteers and Kadıköy residents. Saying that they are proud to be the pioneer of this campaign at the ceremony, Mayor Öztürk also called for the implementation of this important ban by the Ministry of Environment and the Government. Kadıköy Municipality celebrated the first year of the ban on plastic bags implemented by the Assembly Decision with the sharing meeting and plaque ceremony held in the Kadıköy Municipality Building. Kadıköy Municipality Environment Manager Şule Sümer started with a presentation about the work done in a year. In the meeting, it was emphasized that the usage of plastic bags decreased by using the ban and an average of 71 million 500 thousand bags per year and 49 million 500 thousand bags were saved in a year. Environmental Manager Sümer also underlined that Kadıköy people adopt the ban on plastic bags and use environmentally friendly bags and nets in a short time, thereby preventing the release of 3 thousand 331 tons of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the release of greenhouse gases. During the campaign, Kadıköy Municipality distributed 16 thousand eco-friendly bags, told the 5,200 students in 31 schools about the damages of plastic bags to the environment and made 5 thousand 500 enterprises notified them, and made them use environmentally friendly bags and biodegradable bags in a short time. Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk stated that Kadıköy Municipality had an intense year with both the promotion and educational activities with the No Plastic Bag campaign and that the successful completion of the first year of the campaign also stated that Kadıköy residents were behind the success. Mayor Öztürk said: “We are happy to be a pioneer in banning plastic bags, one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution. Of course, in making such a decision, we believed that Kadıköy would support it and we would succeed together. But this was not easy.We came across many segments, especially plastic bag manufacturers, and tried to convince them. We held meetings with businessmen, volunteer organizations, tradesmen and marketers. Education and persuasion is not enough on some issues. For this, it is necessary to make challenging decisions. We made a assembly decision. In fact, as in other European countries, the government and the Ministry of Environment should take this prohibition decision and implement it decisively. In addition, plastic bag manufacturers need to come together and cooperate in collecting waste and producing environmentally friendly biodegradable bags. I would like to thank the organizations that obeyed the ban by supporting our campaign, our tradesmen and Kadıköy residents. First year was the year of education, training and dissemination for us. After that, punishment and supervision of those who do not comply will come to the fore. “At the end of the meeting, thank you plaques were given to businesses, organizations, tradesmen and others who supported the campaign by using environmentally friendly bags in a short time. Representatives of 28 organizations that received the plaques from Mayor Öztürk together took photos and created a picture of pride.

We Plant Saplings, We Grow Netpak Donation Forest.

We prevent tree cutting with our eco-friendly bags, we plant seedlings. Netpak Ambalaj will evaluate some of its sales by planting seedlings in the Marmara Region Non-Pharmaceutical Opportunity Days event, which it attended between 21-24 April. Our company continues to plant saplings in different organizations and events.

Research Summit Packaging Sponsor Netpak Ambalaj

Turkey Researchers Association of Turkey was founded in 1988 to bring together employees in marketing research and public opinion. The association, which has 668 members, is the only institution in the sector that establishes quality standards in the sector, observes ethical rules, organizes conferences and continually provides a certified training program. Reliable Research Standards in Research (GABA) and in line with ESOMAR (World Public Opinion and Market Research Society) code based on the implementation of the association, Promotion Council of Turkey is a founding member. Among the activities of the association working to ensure and increase the use of research studies on economic and social issues that will form the basis of the decisions of the managers in the sector and the public sector are  * Placing professional standards and ethical rules, * Organizing seminars and publishing publications to provide educational information to members and those interested in the subject, * Marketing and attracting attention to the profession of public opinion research, gaining respect, raising the level of profession. Netpak Ambalaj produced eco-friendly bags for the summit. Bags made of nonwoven fabric are shaped by our patented production technique ultrasonic welding.We Participated in ITO 6th Successful SME Competition.As Netpak Ambalaj, we are conducting public and private innovation researches, with its distinctive place in the SME classification, leading in its sector. Our company's patents and environmentally friendly bags, which are produced with 100% own R&D and internal resources, are an indicator of our success and future investments and a source of pride for our employees. All kinds of tailor made product requests were followed from production to production and our sales team in various regions in Turkey, we continue with the same service synergy.

TEB June 5th Environment Day Presentation.

We presented a total of 2,600 people of TEB BANK employees with the environmentally friendly bag promotions. Presentation is made in two separate directorates of TEB bank on June 5-6. You can call us for information and presentation in your institution about environmentally friendly bags and environmental awareness.

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