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Eco Friendly Bags for Natural Environment and Our World

Natural life and the natural balances of the world have been experiencing ecological problems that cause anxiety for the future with the influence of human beings in the last century. Disposable plastic products, which have begun to create serious destruction for the environment, are man-made products that create these ecological concerns. You can imagine that as the inventions of the industry, which facilitates the life of developing technology, disposable products have found so wide usage in our lives, we will remain without alternatives. Disposable hygienic products, personal care products, food additives and plastic carrying bags. It is a fact how much these creative inventions make our lives easier, but does it increase our quality of life positively?

As the resource of living and extinct resources of the world, which are running out, now began to give serious signals of danger for the future in the early 90s. With the industrial revolution, fossil fuels began to rapidly mix into the atmosphere from under the ground, where they were trapped. This change in the world, which developed so fast in this century, caused global warming. Scientific researches have revealed with simulations that the rise of the average temperature by 6 degrees will deteriorate the atmospheric balance formed after the last ice age and that this deteriorated balance will threaten the entire life. This frightening future picture began to be drawn at the beginning of this century, but countries that realized the seriousness of the situation started to take measures to save and protect based on carbon consumption. The industrial giant countries, which caused the greatest destructions in the industrial revolution, created strong will to compensate for life concerns and losses in the past period as a result of the social status they gained. With this synergy, industrial productions started to be revised even though they were under the influence of global interests under economic concerns.

As a result, the idea that the compensation of industrial demolition causing rapid demolition will be achieved by balancing the mass usage spread to the base and minimizing individual harm has increased the attention on individual consumption. By reducing the use and consumption of natural resources of billions of people, the direction of natural balances that rapidly go to disaster can be slowed down. There are many benefits to natural life calculations such as carbon energy consumption or waste disposal, but we believe that savings are the world's saviours. Environmentally friendly products developed with the idea that the solution is recycling, reuse and savings are now in our daily lives.

Netpak Ambalaj concentrates on environmentally friendly packaging in its commercial process, and as a result of its researches on this subject, it produces eco-friendly bags with environmentally friendly ultrasonic welded bags, which are documented with a patent. We claim that the solution for the widely usage of plastic bags and their damage to the environment and plastic bags stacks are the eco-friendly bags we produce. Did you know that there are hundreds of species that plastic bags are subject to extinction? Did you know that plastic bags, which have not disappeared for centuries in nature, have created a garbage island in the Pacific Ocean with ocean currents and it is the most serious problem in the world for underwater life. Why is disposable plastic bag so serious problem for the environment? Plastic bags are produced from petroleum. Plastic bags produced from exhausted sources cause a constant waste of resources. Plastic bags, which have an average life of 27 minutes, are consumed in enormous numbers and are largely left to nature. Aesthetic concerns for plastic bags left to nature developed biodegradable or exodegradable plastics but these actually undermined the solution of the problem.

These biodegradable pouches approaches to the problem from one aspect and looses the root cause of the problem. They are also cannibalising the plastic industry. Standard plastic bags could be recycled and reshaped as different products. Reducing the use of resources by activating this recycling process could have reduced the amount of plastic left into the nature, but with biodegradable chemical additives, the chemicals are left to the nature, the bags mixed with the soil in certain conditions. This reduced the images created by the plastic bags flying in air, but at what cost? First of all, we end the recycling opportunity with the additive of the plastic bag produced from exhausting sources and leave toxic wastes to the soil during the chemical degradation. In addition to this source massacre, there are claims that the biodegradable additives, has a carcinogenic effect. This caused us to see the biodegradable bags as a virus.



From the point of view of the country's economy, we combine the petroleum raw materials we import with the patents we import with biodegradable materials sourced from abroad and bury them in the ground. We increase our current account deficit by approximately 5 billion dollars a year. As Netpak Ambalaj, we think that the use of recycled cloth bags is to be widespread for the environment and our country, from the production process to the last point. In addition to reducing the use of plastic bags, of which we know the harm, with the increase in the use of cloth bags, the cost-effectiveness of the nonwoven fabric we use in the production of cloth bags according to the period of use, the fact that it is suitable for 100% recycling, shows that it is the most product for the environment with its mechanical decomposition when left in the soil. Environmentally Friendly Cloth Bag Has Long Life. The longevity of cloth bags will reduce the use of resources and save money with repeated use. Cloth Bags are 100% Recyclable. It can be recycled effectively at the end of its useful life, 100% recyclable Cloth Bags are Ecology Friendly. Cloth bags, which cannot be recycled at the end of their useful life, can be mechanically decomposed in natural conditions and mixed with the soil when left to nature, and have organic nutritional value.




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