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Our products have features of both past and future.

Marginal and specific designs are the future-facing window of our business. Woven and nonwoven handbags, which have a sense of longing for the past, a melancholy of Byron, and cutting through today's environmental sensitivity and reminiscent of shopping days, are products of a philosophy that knows how to step into the future without forgetting the past.

Today's consumer society has begun to change its habits slowly and to abandon the place to a simple sense of life. "Less is more" is a slogan of today. It also manifests itself in the original designs of the packages. Beyond being a means of transport, originally designed products are also used as messages to express themselves in the current socio-cultural identity crisis. We offer our clients the necessary suggestions with our experienced and educated designers and we also mentor in this context. Bags made of PP nonwoven or PP woven fabrics are a great necessity in people's daily life. Our aim is to make those bags carried by people with pleasure in their daily lives by adding aesthetics and design to this need. For this purpose, our corporate communication and graphic design team works in our company. We prefer more patterns and smaller logos so that the products can be used in many places. Many brands rely on our experience in this field and get support from us. The good feedback they receive from their customers shows how right they are in their choice. We can see that the products we produce for some brands are used even after 3-5 years which can be counted as long in the packaging sector. How many different products can you see for a brand like it possible to create such an ad and client reference? In this way our designs make difference.

Our corporate customers are also paying more attention to our products, especially with the increasing awareness over the last few years, taking into consideration the benefits of products and the benefits they provide to the environment.

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