Our Netflat Tote Bag Packaging Crescent and Star Finalist

We are in front of you with a new success as the leading company that steers the sector with our innovative ideas and R&D studies for the shopping and market sector with our tote bags.

As NETPAK Ambalaj, we made it to the finals in the Industrial and Transport Packaging category with our Netflat and Netstrong Bags. In this article, we would like to introduce the NETFLAT Tote Bag a little more closely to you. As for the features of Netflat, which can be your new bag choice:


Increases Strength by 25% - 50% of Print Quality.

Reduces Air Pollution, Halves Transaction Cost.

It is 100% Recyclable, Environmentally Friendly.

It can be used 104 times, reducing the use of plastic bags.

Transaction cost is cut in half.

Sales volume increases with more competitive prices.

Low carbon footprint 30% with electricity savings.

Shipping and storage advantageIt is antibacterial.

The aim of the invention is to provide a high quality and more detailed printing on the nonwoven fabric by making the surface more suitable for printing by ironing with rolling heat treatment on the nonwoven fabrics. It was ensured that the fabric produced by rolling and corona processes and the paint were better combined, thus preventing its dismantling and wear over time.

Another aim of the invention is to produce a bag fabric that has been rolled to form a cloth bag with a soft material so that it can be folded many times and made into much smaller sizes, even in the pocket. Another aim of the invention is to obtain a fabric with a flat surface in order to use less chemicals when coating is desired on the bag. Since the flat surface created here reduces air and liquid permeability, it is also possible to be used in the food industry.

Utility Model Application No: TR2019/22949

Our new patented product, with these unique features, made it to the finals in the Industrial and Transport Packaging category, and was loved by our preferred references. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and more aesthetic tote bag, you can choose our innovative product. Hope to see you again with new products…

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