Netpak, Your Solution Partner in Pandemic with Our Tote Bags

As a solution partner of online shopping, which has gained great importance in my pandemic period, we continue to support it with our tote bags.


Online shopping was a great need in today's world, which has become the choice of modern people trying to keep up with fast life. Online shopping, which has evolved into a vital importance in the pandemic, has now started to appeal to more people in our country. In this newly developing process, Netpak does not lose the first place in the choice of cloth bags with its antibacterial feature and its ability to carry more weight compared to its alternatives. Our cloth bags, which are used by all major markets, continue to be appreciated by our people as they are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

We continue on our way by working hard to be worthy of these appreciations. Our effort to be a great solution partner that supports the production of the pandemic period with our Netpak tote bags increases its value day by day. You can happily choose any bag you want, whether it is laminated or non-laminated, athlete or classic models. You can join us as a nature friend who prefers cloth bags by raising your own brand to the top with this quality.

No matter which cloth bag model you choose, it has a high advantage in every way. First of all, it is long-lasting thanks to its durability. The fact that it is special to the person who buys it with its antibacterial fabric feature is also very valuable for the pandemic period in terms of hygiene and health. With its long-term use, you will also have a long-lasting promotion process as your advertising face. With our machines that support domestic production, you can support both the domestic economy and your own individual economy with an affordable price.

In addition, our bags, which are produced with low water consumption and low carbon dioxide emission, gain the feature of being environmentally friendly with ultrasonic welding technology. During the pandemic, we realized how important the ecological balance is and how long we have been consuming and spoiling it without protecting it. In the next process, it is inevitable to choose 100% recyclable and long-lasting products, such as our cloth bags, instead of disposable and environmentally harmful materials.

The biggest proof of this is the increasing online shopping in this period when our habits are changing and shaped together with the rapidly changing world balances. By adapting to this change, we became the solution supplier of the companies we serve in the pandemic. In line with the increasing demand, we meet the demands with great devotion, together with all our competence and capacity. You can contact us to take your place in the new world with Netpak tote bags.

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Netpak - Your Solution Partner in Pandemic with Our Tote Bags

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