Netpak Continues Its Works for Sustainable Development Goals...

Netpak Ambalaj is a pioneer in its sector with nearly 40 years of experience in our country and one of the top three manufacturers in Europe. Our company philosophy is based on continuous development and innovation. We offer different products to our sector by allocating large appropriations for our R&D and new product studies. With this sensitivity, our company produces environmentally friendly products and integrates the design of these products to the production, from the design of production techniques and equipment to the automation, and subsequently has serious awards in this regard. In addition to the awards we have received in the fields of environment, energy and sustainability, we have R&D and patent awards and state-supported projects.


Could you tell us about Netpak's sustainable value creation and digitalization efforts?

The process we are in has enabled human beings to gain a detailed analytical view on the environment. By re-determining its needs, the sector discovered problem areas and started changes in its strategic packaging as a result. Environmentally friendly approach will be the driving force for sustainable value creators like us. We must turn trends into opportunities for our world. Trends that will cause the market to change will require a flexible evaluation of marketing strategies and industry analysis. At this point, we have been investing for a long time in our infrastructure that will digitally manage the process from field to production, from traceable delivery to customer returns. We are very close to catching Industry 4.0 processes in our production. We have finished our resource planning program and we continue to work on data binding for full cycle use. When our software infrastructure is finished, we will strengthen our global position and talk about production facilities where physical geography has lost its importance for us. In 2015, world leaders agreed on 17 global goals to achieve three key missions by 2030. Ending extreme poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and correcting climate change for sustainable development, which includes all of these... While this process is being completed, all people need to know the goals and fulfill their responsibilities. Netpak will continue to work for 12 goals in its task.


In 2005, at the World Social Development Summit, sustainable development goals were determined in the fields of economic development, social development and environmental protection. This view revealed the view that sustainability interacts with other fields and cannot be considered independently from other fields. Thus, sustainability is no longer a concept used only for the environment and has gained new meanings as economic and social sustainability.


In fact, protecting our environment, which provides our basic living space, is a necessity for us to continue our development process in other areas as well. Until the middle of the 20th century, human beings were not conscious of environmental problems. With the development of technology, its intervention in nature has increased. Just when he thought he had dominion over the environment, he faced the negative reaction of the environment. The fact that increasing problems are being felt more and more in our lives has led to the emergence of environmental awareness in people. Thus, the concept of sustainability gained more importance in the process of solving these problems. As a result, the "sustainable development approach" was adopted. This approach has been accepted both nationally and internationally. After all, it is the duty of all humanity to produce environmental problems and solutions to these problems.

What can we do individually for sustainability? Let's talk about a few simple points that we can pay attention to individually in order to protect our environment and contribute to nature;

  • It can contribute to the reduction of harmful gases emitted into the environment by using public transportation vehicles,
  • By using a dishwasher instead of washing our dishes by hand, we can consume much less water,
  • By using saving bulbs, we can reduce the energy we spend,
  • If possible, we can separate our garbage in a way that it will be recycled and send it to recycling,
  • By insulating our homes, we can take measures to find and prevent heat leaks in the home,
  • We can reduce the energy used by unplugging electronic devices when we are not using them.


Do not try to warm up your cars while stationary, they will heat up faster and consume less fuel while on the move,

Check the air of your vehicle tires regularly, 0.5 bar missing air increases your fuel consumption by 5%,

Create and store your files digitally to reduce your paper consumption. Prevent paper from becoming garbage.


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