Nature-Friendly Neteco With Its New Design...

Recycling is the re-incorporation of recyclable waste into the production process by going through various processes. In other words, it is the recycling of materials that turn into waste after being used, to the manufacturing processes as raw materials after various physical and chemical processes are applied.

This bag has been put into use for the second time with the use of recycled plastics between layers. With the technology developed by Netpak Ambalaj, this bag can be recycled after use and become another bag. With the continuation of this cycle, the raw material used repeatedly will reduce the resource usage.

Netpak is a company that attaches great importance to recycling since its establishment. Since the first day, it has used all its R&D and P&D studies to produce materials with ease of use, elegance and strength with recycled raw materials. From recycled materials; It is preparing to implement the new trend NetEco project in order to make bags, protect nature, give confidence to the future, and catch up with the speed of technology.



  • Environmentally friendly Neteco, produced using up to 78% recycled material; It is a patented carrying bag that is economical with less raw material use, 100% recyclable, higher carrying capacity thanks to its 2 or more layered structure, in accordance with the green agreement.
  • Carrying bag produced by recycling plastic waste. It consists of 3 layers: 1st layer of OPP film or nonwoven, 2nd layer of recycled granules and 3rd layer of recycled nonwoven.
  • Materials that cannot be reused increase resource use and cause current account deficit. With the use of recycled materials up to 78%, the Neteco carry bag reduces the use of raw materials and carbon emissions.
  • It is an environmentally friendly bag that can be recycled 100% in accordance with the zero waste logic.
  • Compared to a single-layer 80 gram nonwoven product, due to the fact that it consists of a single layer, the weak side of the nonwoven product does not provide the necessary strength in breaking and tearing. Neteco has reached stronger, higher bearing capacity, strength and strength due to its three-layer structure.

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