Beautician of Tote Bag: Netpak

With the use of tote bags, the use of environmentally friendly products and the incentives for recycling, which have been carried out in a more accelerated manner recently; started to attract more attention in every sector in our country. Efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags with nature-friendly bags offered by shopping centers to their customers are tried to be placed in our daily lives thanks to the garbage containers that are separated according to different waste groups in the streets, offices, schools and apartments. The use of eco-friendly products and giving importance to recycling lead to some differentiation in people's lifestyles. At the beginning of this is the widespread use of tote bags, which appeal to all ages, all over our country.

Tote bags, which come to life with their usefulness and unique design, are in the hands of almost everyone lately! The widespread use of cloth bags, which are both preferred in terms of functionality and providing a pleasant appearance as an accessory, also contributes to our nature.


Eda Taşpınar brand, which preferred us in previous years, has once again chosen high quality by entrusting all its beauty products to Netpak cloth bag. Laminated Tote Bags, which we produced for Eda Taşpınar, took their place on the shelves as a product that would be preferred by her followers with their always eye-catching stylish stance and quality. Thanks to this bag, which you will love to use in your private life, you will protect the environment and embrace the concept of sustainable life.

Now, in addition to packaging, bags will also participate in the beauty race of cosmetics companies. We are ambitious!


Laminated tote bags are currently one of the most popular products for promotional purposes. Laminated bags, which are produced as glossy transparent and matte transparent with picture printing, are also produced with metallized laminated. The necessity of lamination is directly proportional to the color to be used in design and printing.

For example, if you want to use a photograph in your tote bag design, you can get the most positive print results from our laminated products. In this way, you will have both a rich promotional material and a stylish and useful long-lasting bag.

One of the most important features of laminated cloth bags is that they are easy to clean. With the help of a damp cloth, you can clean these products as often as you want and keep the usage time quite long. There is also the metallized laminated process, which is a different branch. Metallized laminate is a solid colored laminate. It is produced in black, matte and glossy as in transparent. Among the most preferred colors are silver, gold and copper laminates. Apart from these colors, we also produce from other colors with special production.

Laminated bags are an excellent tool for your advertisements as they attract attention in the environment. Although it is mostly preferred by cosmetics companies, diamond and jewelers, it has quickly managed to enter the field of interest of every company that attaches importance to promotional advertising. We try not to prefer multi-colored printing on metallized laminates as much as possible. The most ideal print is 2 colors. Since metalized colors are already quite eye-catching, we want them to be integrated with a simple and elegant design. We try to apply this rule in our tote bags, both technically and visually appealing.

Seeing our eco-friendly recyclable cloth bags that we produce with this understanding, gives us great hope for the better.

Take a step to protect nature, use Netpak Tote Bags.


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