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15 Minutes or 2 Years ?

A News from National Geographic Magazine Turkey Instagram Page

The average lifetime of a nylon bag is 15 minutes.

Afterward, immediately or after having spent months in our drawers, it is likely to be thrown away to blend into the 9 million tonnes of plastic waste mixed with the oceans. Around the World one trillion nylon bags are used every year. Turkey make plans to reduce is the use of plastic bags per person per year in 2019 to 90 pieces, on 2025 to 40 pieces. (Plastic bags in Turkey as of January 1, 2019 will be subject to fees.) Do not believe in the expression "Biodegradation": The UN Environment Program left the idea of biodegradable plastic in 2015 on the grounds that it is a solution lacking realism that neither reduces the amount of plastics that end up in the oceans, nor does it prevent potential damage to marine life. There was even the result that the label "biodegradation" might encourage throw trash somewhere. You can also reduce the use of nylon bag by using reusable bag(for example cloth) when you are going to supermarket. An average Danish consumes four disposable bags per year, so it is not impossible to get the nylon bag out of our lives.

National Geographic Turkey started to use recycled bags made from material that starting this month and will leave shortly after using the bag completely. Besides these, a nonwoven cloth bag can be used for about 2 years on an average of 104 times. It is also possible to leave a cleaner world for future generations with the use of recyclable cloth bags that can be easily solved in nature.


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