We can Have a Corner in The International Markets

"By using the infrastructure and know-how of our country in packaging, and with the improvements we have made in automation systems, we can introduce the opportunities of the international markets to our country."

We know you've received patents on many issues. Can you give us some information about this? Using the know-how in the packaging industry; we have created many innovations in this brand new sector. With the full automation system, we produce ultrasonic welded laminated nonwoven, nonwoven athletic bags and laminated jute products. We also produce 3D bags with semi-automated handling systems and semi-automatic bottom adhesion systems and ultrasonic welding system. Thanks to the investments we have made in our R & D and machinery department for over 10 years, we have developed and continue developing worldwide unique solutions for automated handling and bottom welding systems. As a result of our work, in 2011 we received our patent on the manufacturing of our first ultrasonic welded nonwoven cloth bags from Turkish Patent Institute. Currently, we own 7 patents and 16 petty patents, 2 of which are examined by the European Patent Office (EPO) and 5 from Turkish Patent Institution (TPE). We are also the patent owners of the machines that will produce the inventions that we have patented. These machines are also manufactured by our affiliated company, Ultrapak Makine A.Ş. and is then integrated into our mass production system. We have completed successful projects with Tübitak and Kosgeb, regarding the system we developed and the products we produced. In 2014, we were awarded the "Environment and Energy Award" given by Istanbul Chamber of Industry. In 2013, we were entitled to win the Packaging Stars Award in the packaging design competition organized by ASD. In 2015, we were entitled to win the first prize for "Istanbul Patent Application" of IMMIB Hezarfen Project considering the 2010-2014 period. In 2015, we were awarded the "Productivity Award" given by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology by combining printing and lamination systems in a single machine. In 2016, we were deemed to win an award of "Difference makers in Exporting" by İDMİB in reply to our export journey which we have started in 2013 and reached out to more than 30 countries in 4 years.

Owing to our applications to the European Patent Office, and our registered patents on our different machines and vending machines, we have drawn the attention of EPO and we feel the right pride of being the first SME in Turkey, that was visited by the European Patent Office.

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