Sustainability Scorecard of Companies: Transformation by Product...

In the new era, sustainability carries many risks and opportunities for companies. Companies review all their product and service processes, and try to remove unsustainable ones from their systems.

The main aim is to make the portfolio consist of products that contribute to sustainability. For those who do not meet the criteria, either "improvement" or "substitution" or "complete removal from the portfolio" is chosen.

In the recent past, it was thought that the main purpose of the companies was to make a profit, and the main responsibility was only to the shareholders of the company. Today, a "win-win" relationship is advocated in the world, in which the profit-making purpose of companies is in line with social interests. In other words, companies now have a responsibility not only to their shareholders, but also to society. Naturally, in this new era, sustainability brings with it many risks and opportunities for companies. According to experts, companies that identify these risks and opportunities and reorganize their operations, products and services accordingly will gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the future.


Nearly 80 percent of its products are recyclable at Netpak Ambalaj, which "makes a high contribution to sustainability". Netpak Ambalaj Chairman of the Board Ali Avcı said, “Especially since we do not use composite layers and laminate identical plastic films, recycling of our products is practical and cost-effective. “We bring products to the market that can be used again and again and reduce the use of resources.” The transformation policy of the company for the 10 percent of the product portfolio that is "not sustainable and needs to be optimized" is shaped around the "least waste" approach. Avcı said, “We evaluate the aspects that can be developed in terms of full sustainability in terms of waste rates and production efficiency. We are designing new machines at Ultrapak, our group company, in order to ensure the least wastage and the highest efficiency. We increase our sustainability rate thanks to the production techniques developed through innovation studies on existing machines.”


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