Getir's New Bag Is Again From Netpak

After choosing our Laminated Nonwoven Tote Bags with the awareness of their responsibility towards the environment, Getir continues to expand its awareness of the clean environment by choosing our Nonwoven Athlete Bag, which is now in high demand abroad. Getir Tote Bags, with their environmentally friendly and ergonomic designs, aim for a long-term advertising promotion. Offering a great solution for e-commerce sites, Nonwoven Tote Bags are both recyclable and have a long service life. During this period, the advertising and promotion time also extends in direct proportion.

In particular, our athlete models continue to become widespread in the sector without slowing down, as the most natural alternative to plastic bags. Since it is produced with low carbon dioxide emission, it is further strengthened with its environmentalist aspect. Also, like plastic bags, it has provided a great advantage in terms of extra cost and workload. Thanks to Netpak Tote Bags, it represents your company in the best way with its high printing quality, and you have to watch it with pleasure in your life.


- Hello, can we know your name?

- Hello, my name is Serap.

- Have you ever used the Nonwoven Getir Athlete Bags, which are now very common in Turkey?

- Yes, I saw it in a big supermarket chain, I was curious and bought it. I still use it every time I go to the grocery store now.

- As Turkey's largest full-automated athlete and tote bag manufacturer, we are delighted to hear your satisfaction. Well, as a user of this model, can you tell us a little about your reasons for choosing?

- Once it has a comfortable transport, as the load in plastic bags gets heavier, both our hands are uncomfortable and the bag becomes unstable. But in this bag, we can carry more of our necessities, and it is more comfortable to carry. Moreover, we are able to show thrift to our children thanks to its longevity. We also protect the environment. It is also very easy to clean when it gets dirty, I hand washed it in warm water the other day and it was clean.

- Hygiene is the most indispensable thing for women, isn't it? (Laughter)

- In the past, yes, ladies, we used to say weight, but after this pandemic period, everyone, old and young, male and female, is very careful. The fact that the bag I use belongs to me makes me feel very comfortable.

- Moreover, with Netpak Bags, you can feel twice as comfortable: We have been awarded the Covid - 19 Gucenli Production Certificate!

- You are really great, I knew your environmental policy, you have strengthened your stance with this document. Then I can say to every company that you should work with Netpak, so that we can reach more easily and help protect the environment.

- Thank you very much for choosing us and for spending time with us.

- And I thank you very much, for helping prevent more trees from being cut down...

With our understanding of quality aiming to go beyond time, we wanted to share the voice of the people with you while introducing a new bag to you. With the pride of our references who have chosen us, we know that if you have not chosen us yet, our paths are very close.

Hoping to meet with our new news...

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