European Union Proposes Prohibiting The Use of Disposable Plastics

EU has made a supportive move, promoting the law that will enter into force in our country as of 01.01.2019 that will force consumers to pay a charge against the use of plastics bags. EU, which has prepared the draft law on the prohibition of the use of disposable plastics, will offer a great opportunity for us if they reach their goals on the subject. The EU's projection envisions the prohibition of a large number of commonly used plastics from ear cleaning cotton to pipettes, cutlery to drink mixers. All plastic bottles shall be collected for recycling purpose up to 2025. In order for the plastic ban to come to life, it would be necessary to get the approval of 28 EU member states and the European Parliament. This way, it is expected to save 6.5 billion euros

Plastics Usage

EU countries have been trying to prevent the damage to the wildlife, caused by plastic wastes that do not dissolve in nature for centuries. It is estimated that 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced worldwide by this time and 6.3 billion tons of them has been turned into waste. These wastes are mostly threatening to marine life. The EU defines the possible positive outcomes of the proposed plastic ban for the environment as such: * 3.4 million tons of carbon emissions shall be prevented; * 22 billion euro worth environmental damage expected to occur until 2030 shall be prevented; * Consumers shall save 6.5 billion euros Frans Timmermans, the Vice-President of the Council of Europe, said that they will be prohibiting the display of some products on supermarket shelves while replacing them with their cleaner alternatives.The EU proposal covers especially plastic foodstuffs and other disposable plastic food products. Plastic plates and cups are also included. When a more comprehensive ban shall be implemented is still unknown. If the projection is approved, EU member states will have to remove almost all disposable plastic products completely from their daily lives. Consumers shall be able to learn how much plastic waste is caused by that product by reading the product labels. Plastic producers shall be encouraged to use sustainable materials with the training they shall receive, and some manufacturers shall be asked to contribute to the cost of cleaning plastic waste.

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