Eco Bags
Eco Bags
Eco Bags
Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Economical, Promotional Bags ... 1
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Innovative, Eco-Friendly
Innovative, Eco-Friendly
Ministry of Science Industry and Technology Productivity
Award. ISO Eco Friendly Product Award.
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Non Woven Bags

Non woven bags, as the test reports and researchers proved us, unfortunately the nature has a big catabolism because of the wrong nylon bag using. Therefore, as well known some of the awared and sensible countries had already more steps than to be sad and constituted the protection regulations about this important issue. Of course, the aim of the regulations is raising the environmental awereness and make limited the producing consumption. But, at the same time the researchers noticed that the eco friendly bags also provided the user’s satisfaction as well. So, according to the recently years environmental regulations and the World trend, nonwoven bags have been already looking and preffering by the people.

In this context, the non-woven bags advantages could be lined up as below

  • A non woven bag that weld by the ultrasonic and the modern automated systems could carry between 16- 25 kgs
  • A non woven bag is made by fabric and provides the easy folding ans stroing advantage thanks to its flexibility
  • A nonwoven bag is % 100 Recyclable and eco-friendly. After the using could be recovered by the recycle centers
  • Thus, the natural consumption could be blocked and the resources could be protect
  • A non-woven eco friendly bag is produced by the same family raw materials and could be recycled by only 1 step
  • A non woven bag , could be produced in any design and size. Because, to be an eco-friendly material is not an obstacle for good looking


Eco Friendly Nonwoven Bags Models

A qualified non woven eco friendly bag could be used on avarage 104 times. So, it provides double possitive effects for the users and the enterprices by supplying the out of door media again and again

Istanbul Nature Sports Club

Istanbul Nature Sports Club "Demavend Mountain Climbing Event"

Istanbul Nature Sports Club, of which we are the main sponsor, organized a climbing event on Mount Demavend.

We Successfully Completed Empack 2022 UK Fair...

We Successfully Completed Empack 2022 UK Fair...

We are proud to have represented our country at the most prestigious packaging and packaging technologies fair of the region, held in Birmingham, England.

Nature-Friendly Neteco With Its New Design...

Nature-Friendly Neteco With Its New Design...

Environmentally friendly Neteco, produced using up to 78% recycled material; It is a 100% recyclable patented carrying case.

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